Manual 02 - Section 01

Non-Residential Solar Information Manual
Section 12 - Warranty


This Warranty applies to Non Residential Solar Hot Water system packages installed at commercial or light industrial sites or on multi-storey dwellings.

The manufacturer, Solahart, shall be under no obligation under this warranty in case of accident, acts of God or installation / repairs carried out by others outside the Solahart installation instructions.

No responsibility under this warranty is accepted for consequential loss or damage caused by a defect.

The Solahart Non Residential Solar Hot Water System packages must be operated in accordance with the instructions provided in the Owner's Manual.

This warranty is in addition to and not in substitution for any warranty provided by Common Law.

Solahart warrants the components of the Solahart Non Residential Solar Hot Water System packages against manufacturing defects, faulty materials and or workmanship for a period of twelve months from the installation date.


The above is conditional upon the Solahart Non Residential Solar Hot Water System packages being installed within a 30 km radius of the Solahart dealership from which the system was purchased. Systems installed beyond this distance will be subject to extra freight and travelling charges incurred by the dealership in carrying out the work.


Note: The potable water storage vessels contain a sacrificial anode and this anode should be changed at regular intervals - refer to the Solahart Operating & Maintenance Instructions.