Manual 04 - Section 04

Solar Pool Heating Installation Manual
SECTION 4: Roof Layout


Now that you have calculated the Collector Array area and selected the best roof on which to locate the Collector Array, the layout of the array must be determined.

To ensure that all pool water flow paths of the Collector Array receive an equal flow rate, the outlet from the array should be at the highest point and the inlet should be at the lowest point. The Collector Array should be piped with a reverse return manifold layout.


It is desirable to lay the Absorber Strip horizontally across the roof for the following reasons:

The Supply and Return Headers should run parallel to each other at the same end of the Collector Array. The Absorber Strip will run horizontally from the Supply Header before looping back on itself and connecting to the Return Header. This method of connection is recommended over one having a manifold at each end of the array because the number of strip to header connections is reduced by 50% for the same Collector Array area.

Typical HYDROMAX Roof Layout


The Absorber Panels should be installed with the integral Header assemblies at the top and bottom of the array for the following reasons:

Typical HELIOCOL Roof Layout