Manual 04 - Section 01

Solar Pool Heating Installation Manual


Your Solahart Solar Pool Heating System works by pumping water from your swimming pool through the solar collector array. The solar Collector Array should be positioned to collect the maximum possible solar radiation and is best located on a roof adjacent to the swimming pool.

The flow of water from the pool through the Collector Array may be controlled by sensors connected to a Solahart Automatic Pool Controller. If the water in the pool is cooler than the collector array temperature the Solahart Automatic Pool Controller switches the Solar Pump ON. When the Solar Pump is ON, water is pumped from the swimming pool through the Collector Array and is heated before being returned to the swimming pool. If the water coming from the pool is warmer than the Collector Array temperature or is at the desired temperature set on the Solahart Automatic Pool Controller, the Solar Pump is switched OFF. When the Solar Pump is OFF the water does not pass through the Collector Array although the filter may continue to operate.





Shows direction of water flow

Sensor (1)
Measures the temperature of water coming from the pool. This sensor is placed before the branch to the Solar Pump.

Sensor (2)
Measures the temperature of the Collector Array. This sensor is placed in a position which receives the same radiation as the Collector Array.

Some Solar Pumps have an integral limited, non return valve which allows a controlled drain back through the Solar Pump. If the Solar Pump does not have this feature a Check Valve should be fitted as shown. A 3 mm hole must be drilled in the Check Valve flap to allow a slow drain down from the collector array.

The Solar Pump must be of a lower flow rate than the Filter Pump. This will avoid re-circulation within the solar circuit. An optional Check Valve may be fitted as shown to avoid the risk of re-circulation.