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The Heat Free Series of Solahart is the latest and most evolved family of products Solahart.

The most recent and advanced model by Solahart is the only model with a 10 year warranty against manufacturing faults worldwide. Created and dimensioned for the daily consumption of 6/7 member family units, the 302 Free Heat model comprises a 300 litter reservoir and two 2m2 “KF” collectors.
The 302 Free Heat model integrates innovative pressure and temperature control technologies.


Standard fin and tube collector


Solahart's multi-flow collector

In standard solar hot water systems water is circulated through the solar collector panels and back into the storage cylinder. But in the closed circuit system a specially developed 'Hartgard(R)' fluid absorbs the sun's energy and transfers the heat to the water in the storage cylinder as it circulates within a special jacket surrounding the cylinder. With this system, there is nothing to clog or corrode the inside of the collector panels. Plus the Hartgard fluid will not freeze, protecting your Solahart from damage, even under frost or prolonged sub-zero conditions.

You'll get your investment back . . .

Yes! The savings you make on your power bills, from the sun's free energy, means that you can recover the up front investment in your Solahart. And the savings will keep adding up long after the system has paid for itself.

Installed within 24 hours

Upon ordering your Solahart, it can be installed and working within 24 hours with minimal disruption to your household's hot water needs.



The model 302 Free Heat consists of a reservoir capacity of 300 litres of collectors and two "KF" 2m2 of each.



You'll Be Saving the Environment.

Your Solahart helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our atmosphere (up to 5 tonnes per annum), so you can take pride in doing something positive to help and save our environment for the benefit of future generations.

Backed By Full 10 Year Warranty.

The 'Free Heat' Series is so reliable it's backed by Solahart's exclusive and comprehensive 10 year warranty. (For further information see separate product warranty.).

Your Solahart Is Automatic.

Many people ask about how they should use their booster switch. Depending on where you live and how much hot water you use, your 'Free Heat' Series Solahart can usually provide around 80% of all your hot water from the sun's free energy.

On those days when there's insufficient solar energy, your standard electric or optional 'Natural Wonder' gas booster will maintain hot water temperature. During these conditions, our advice is to leave your booster switched on all the time. This doesn't mean it's costing you more to run. It automatically cuts in and provides supplementary energy when the water temperature drops below a pre-set temperature and cuts out again when the correct temperature is reached.

1. Stylish Slimline Design
The lines are enhanced with Solahart's distinctive trim.

2. Hot Water All Year. 24 Hours A Day.
For those few days of the year when there's insufficient solar energy, a highly efficient booster automatically maintains water temperature.

3. Hot Water Technology
The major technical breakthrough for Solahart is the use of a sealed jacket around the storage cylinder. This allows the closed circuit fluid to flow from the solar collector panels around the outside the storage cylinder and transfer its heat into the water stored in the cylinder. The result - hot water free from the sun ready and waiting for your use.

4. High Density Insulation
The cylinder is insulated in its durable aluminium case by pressure injected, high density, environmentally safe polyurethane foam which is CFC FREE! The result, your water stays hotter longer.

5. Superior Protection
The storage cylinder is protected from the harshest water with not one, but two coats of Primaglaze¨ ceramic lining plus a sacrificial anode. A major breakthrough in corrosion control.

6. Corrosion Protection
The exclusive closed circuit system also eliminates risk of the collector plate corroding or clogging from the inside.

7. Looks Better, Lasts Longer
Proven premium quality aluminium, used for Solahart's collector casing looks better, lasts longer.

8. Proven Performance
Maximum absorption of solar energy is achieved by the large Multi-Flow collectors designed to trap more heat and transfer it efficiently.

9. Solar Glass
Superior quality Solar Glass is tougher, providing better performance, protection and appearance.

10. Freeze Protection
Solahart's exclusive and proven closed circuit technology is all the protection you need to prevent freezing in frost-prone or cold climate regions.

11. Exclusive Multi-Flow Collector Plate
Greatly increases heat transmission to heat exchange fluid.



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